• Fake lawyer Ralph Edward Nzwii Nguma before court where he denied practicing as a lawyer
  • Man Arraigned For Masquerading As A Lawyer At Mombasa High Court

  • Another man charged with posing as lawyer in Mombasa

  • Fake lawyer charged after representing Chinese investors

  • Man charged for impersonating lawyer at Mombasa High court

A law student who has been practicing as an advocate has been charged before a Nairobi court.

Ralph Edward Nzwii Nguma was presented before Milimani magistrate Rober Shikwe facing several counts of forgery and presenting clients yet he is not a qualified advocate.

The first count against Nzwii is that with intent to defraud, he released an agreement purporting to be a genuine document that had been signed by Arwa and Change Advocates.

The document purported to release the law firm from representing the Estate of Yongi Family as special administrators, an offence he allegedly committed on February 24, last year at unknown place,

The prosecution further accused him of knowingly and fraudulently uttering a forged release agreement purporting it to be a genuine, an offence he committed on April 28, 2022.

The court further heard that on 24th October, 2018, the accused person appeared before the High Court in Mombasa, and represented one Liu Dong Sheng in a case between China New Era and Ocean View Residency Limited and Whintto Architects (K) Limited.

The matter was mentioned before the Deputy Registrar of the High Court and Nzwii was accused of representing him as a qualified Advocate, when he was not.

The prosecution opposed his release on bail arguing that they were apprehensive that the accused may abscond bail if released on bail.

“Our apprehension is that one of the count the accused is facing is practicing as an advocate. That a practice law society of Kenya is striking on fighting all masqueraders,” said prosecution.

The court was informed that Nzwii had jumped bail in a different criminal case.

LSK vice president Faith Adhiambo told the court that its members continue receiving complaints about fake lawyers who have been presenting themselves as qualified advocates.

She said it was in public interest to keep Nzwii in custody pending the conclusion of the case.

Nzwii will spend the rest of the week in custody awaiting a pre-bail report and a ruling on his bail application.


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