• Crime: William Kabogo Accused of Beating Up Elderly Man in His Runda Estate
  • Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo
  • William Kabogo
  • Kiambu Governor
  • Runda Estate

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo risks arrest after he was accused of assaulting a homeowner at his Iguta Paradise Homes in Runda estate along Kiambu Road.

According to the OB, Kabogo was reported to Kiambu Police Station by the elderly man who claimed that he was assaulted despite still reeling from the pain of surgery.

An eyewitness privy to the case claimed that the altercation between Kabogo and the homeowner ensued on Tuesday, October 31. The indifferences were fueled by Iguta Paradise’s management fumigating the residence allegedly without issuing a notice to inform residents of the same.

The victim’s family was reportedly affected by the pesticides, prompting the wife to confront the management. However, she was chased away, and her case was dismissed, forcing her to reach out to her husband.

According to the insider, the family was enjoying lunch, which was cut short after the food was sprayed with pesticides. Angered by the management, she asked her husband, who was away from home, to return with food purchased from one of the renowned fast-food retailers as she had discarded their earlier meal.

To compound the issue, the children were reportedly itching and coughing due to the pesticides.

“The guys spraying the pesticides told her to go away and that there was nothing she could do,” the insider claimed that the handlers felt her feel helpless.

Husband Arrives, Confronts Kabogo

Conscious of the fact that his wife was dismissed, the husband arrived, keen on settling the issue amicably.

However, upon spotting Kabogo, he was seized with anger and confronted the former governor, alleging that Iguta Paradise Homes management was notorious for acting without issuing notices, thus affecting tenants’ and homeowners’ operations and comfort.

The victim sought clarification from the Tujibebe Wakenya Party on why pesticide handlers were fumigating the premises without issuing a notice. However, Kabogo was reportedly stunned by the man’s reaction rather than his inquiries.

He was alleged to have wondered why the homeowner had rushed to engage him while looking angry. This led to a heated argument between the duo, who further exchanged curse words that could not be quoted.

It was at this point that Kabogo was accused of strangling and beating the homeowner against a perimeter wall in front of workers and other residents. The man’s pain was allegedly worsened as he was recovering from a spinal surgery done six months ago, and could not fight his assailant.

Kabogo’s bodyguards, aware that the heated exchange could escalate, intervened and separated the two.

Another account alleges that it was the wife and her brother who rushed to the scene, prompting Kabogo’s security to react.

Thereafter, the family raised the alarm and shared the ordeal with other residents via a WhatsApp Group.

According to the insider, the victim immediately left to press charges against Kabogo at Kiambu Police Station. The case was filed under OB 54/31/10/23 at 3:22 p.m., with Kabogo accused of assault.

A police officer on duty also assisted the victim in filing a P3 form requesting a medical examination.

“Alleged to have been assaulted by a known person. Complains of pain in the neck and back. Please examine and ascertain the degree of injury for legal action,” the officer wrote before sending the victim to Kiambu District Hospital for examination.

At the hospital, he was ascertained to be in a fair general condition, with the doctor noting, “Patient reports to have been assaulted by a person known to him on 31/10/23. He was thrown against a wall and strangled. He reports to have had an operation on the neck region and now complains of pain at the incision site.”

Upon returning home, the victim allegedly sought CCTV footage from neighbours living near the scene of the crime, but his efforts were futile. Reports alleged that they were threatened against providing the footage.

It has not yet been established whether police have launched an investigation into the case.


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