• How Cecil Miller Ahmednasir Abdullahi Alledgly Preys On Law Interns Emerges

  • Cecil Miller Ahmednasir Abdullahi Alledgly
  • Cecil Miller
  • mike sonko

According to Sonko, Ahmednasir pretends to be a Muslim but behind the scenes, he preys on interns at his law firm.

Sonko claims that he has inside information on how the flamboyant lawyer has been taking advantage of fresh graduates doing pupilage at his law firm.

He reportedly impregnated some of the interns and gave them money to get rid of the pregnancies.

There are some who decided to keep the pregnancies and gave birth to kids resembling the vocal lawyer.


Apart from Ahmednasir, Sonko claimed that Cecil Miller – another prominent lawyer, is also a dangerous womanizer.

He reportedly impregnated Sonko’s close friend, Jacky, and has been harassing her using rogue cops after she threatened to sue him over child support.

Check out Sonko’s tweet.


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