A Nairobi court has granted the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) permission to unseal a cash/till box allegedly belonging to Seth Steve Okute, a key figure in a high-profile case. Okute, along with co-accused Bruno Otieno Orienda, faces charges related to a fake gold trade amounting to approximately Sh 12.7 million.

The order, issued by the Nairobi Magistrates court, stipulates that the sealed cash/till box must be opened in the presence of Seth Steve Okute. Importantly, the court has authorized the use of force if necessary to gain access to its contents.

Magistrate stated, “I order and authorize CPL Gerald Kamwaro or any other officer authorized by the applicant (DCI), by this search warrant to open the sealed cash/till box in the presence of the respondent and if need be use force to gain access, seize the content therein so as to enable CPL Kamwaro or any other officer attached to DCI to complete the investigation on the offence stated.”

The charges against Okute and Orienda stem from allegations that they obtained Sh 12.7 million (approximately USD100,000) from Marjorie R Grant under false pretenses. They purportedly claimed that Newsky’s Global Cargo Movers International Limited had the capability to pay custom duties for 33 kilograms of gold supposedly shipped from Burkina Faso. However, the investigation revealed that these claims were untrue.

Additionally, the duo faces conspiracy charges related to obtaining the Sh 12.7 million by falsely presenting themselves as capable of covering the custom duties for the gold, which was supposedly destined for Zurich, Switzerland. These alleged offenses occurred on November 9, 2022, at I&M Bank in Nairobi and are believed to have been executed with the intent to defraud.

Both Okute and Orienda have been released on cash bail, with each required to pay Sh 600,000.

The court’s decision to unseal the cash/till box is a pivotal moment in this ongoing legal saga, shedding light on the evidence that may play a crucial role in the prosecution’s case.


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