Following a court ruling to freeze the accounts of suspected fake gold criminals, detectives are now holding hundreds of millions belonging to two people adversely mentioned in the fake gold saga.

The two, Mr Jarred Otieno and Chris Obure will have sleuths scrutinize their accounts and financial statements from the time when the accounts were opened to date.

The investigators will also have access to the cheques, cash deposits and RTGS transactions over the years.

Mr Otieno had, weeks ago, presented himself to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations offices after word went round he would be arrested.

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Police would later invade his Karen home which was valued at Sh110 million. From the mansion, police recovered luxury cars and some documents in the house, though Otieno had not moved into the new house despite paying for it in cash.

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“We have information that Jared paid Ksh110 million cash for this house and we have found things in the house that belong to him,” said a police source.

His other accomplice in the crime is a Mr Obure who stays at a lavish home in Lavington where he has three high-end vehicles valued at Sh20 million.

Chris Obure led to Kilimani Police station in a past arrest

The accounts are said to have a total of Sh300 million which police believe was fraudulently acquired.


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