Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi speaking with his supporters outside Milimani Law Court on Monday January 15,2017/PHOTO BY S.A.N.


Wajir Governor Mohammed Abdi is still the people’s governor, apex court says.

This is pending the hearing and determination of a case he has challenged a court of appeal decision that upheld a high court decision nullifying his election.

The Supreme Court halted any action nullifying the election of Governor Abdi.

Chief Justice David Maraga ,Deputy Chief Justice Philomina Mwilu, Mohammed Ibrahim, Dr J.B Ojwang and Isaac Lenaola stopped all actions bearing on occupancy of the Governor office.

“We hereby make order staying any and all actions bearing on occupancy of the Governor’s office. The status quo shall not be disturbed pending hearing and determination of the matter pending before the supreme court,” the apex court ruled.

Governor Abdi moved to the Supreme Court following the appellate court decision that stood with the high court decision that threw out his election.

Judges Philip Waki, Milton Makhandia and Patrick Kiage said Abdi was not qualified to contest as he did not have a a degree.

In a judgement read by justice Kathurima M’inoti, the three added that Abdi wasted a chance to tell his side of the story when he failed to respond to the allegations raised against him.

Dissatisfied with the entire judgement, he contested it at the apex court.

Abdi’s election was nullified on Janaury 12 on grounds that it was not conducted according to the law.

Justice Alfred Mabeya said his academic papers were not complete since he doesn’t have a genuine degree.

Judge Mabeya also said Governor Abdi was not validly cleared to vie for the seat and noted many discrepancies in forms 37B.

These were used to declare him winner after the vote.