ANC Party Embakasi East aspirant Joshua Otieno Obiende testifying in a petition which jubilee candidate Francis Mureith is challenging MP Babu Owino election. He said he was attacked.

Embakasi East Babu Owino attacked his opponent during August 8 elections, the court has been told.

Babu Owino pushed his opponent Joshua Otieno Obiende and his supporters pounced on him and injured him.

“Many people had flocked in the Social Hall but not all the voters managed to vote due to violence that occurred,” Samuel Mwangi a witness told.

Despite the police being there, they could not get the situation under control, he said.

The court heard that the place was marred by quarrels, insults and violence because of the two candidates.

SC James Orengo cross-examining the witness said that it was not Owino who attacked Obiende of Amani National Congress.

He said Obiende was hit with stones by people who are unknown to him.

A video clip was played showing the witness with cut wounds in the face and head.

Obiende said that Babu Owino pushed him first then addressed the goons in dholuo telling them they should work on him properly.

He told the court that he was roughed up by the hirelings, hit on the head then fell down before he collapsed.

“I was taken to KNH by good Samaritans. I was admitted to the ICU for five days before I could gain consciousness,” Mr Obiendi told Justice Joseph Sergon.

On Monday, Mbugua Mureithi running on a Jubilee Party ticket said that the number of voters exceeded the number of registered voters in Soweto and Spring Valley Primary schools.

Mureithi also told the court that election was marred by irregularities.

“Babu Owino was caught on camera bribing voters with money at Greenspan polling stations and the video is in court,” he said.

Mr Muriethi While giving his testimony before Justice Joseph Sergon, Samuel Ayub Mwangi said that when Obiende got into Soweto social hall, he found Babu and whispered something to him after which one of the men standing beside the MP pushed him and he fell on the ground thereby injuring his forehead.

“After Obiende fell down, other people started attacking him while still on the ground,” said Mwangi.