NIC Bank Buruburu branch manager Richard Moses Wambugu before Milimani Law court on Thursday September 28,2017/ PHOTO S.A.N.

NIC Bank manager has been charged before a Nairobi Court with stealing.

Richard Moses Wambugu is accused on 23 of September this year at NIC Bank PLC Buruburu Branch in Nairobi being a Branch Manager jointly with  others before court, stole Kshs 14, 999,850 the property of the said NIC Bank PLC.

The accused person Richard Moses Wambugu is an employee of NIC Bank attached to its PCL Buruburu  branch as a manager.

According to police , on Friday the 22 of September , the accused person requested for permission to be off duty the following day of Saturday 23 September and the bank made arrangement for one Stephen Otieno Njiri  at Sameer Branch to stand-in for him during the absence to purportedly attend to some personal issues.

However, the accused is said to have briefly reported to the branch on the said Saturday and opened the vault for the day’s operations in company of his co-custodian Paul Githinji after which he left without handing over his office to the reliever.

It is also reported later that day , Paul Githinji who is co-custodian who normally keeps the key to the safe safe and holds the combination vault also left the bank without proper handing over of the said keys or solid cash in the vault to any other bank’s official.

Mr Wambugu reported back to his office from off-duty on 25 and reported that his co-custodian phone was off had not reported on duty and further that Kes,16,964,710,20 was missing from the vault.

Investigation were commenced and it was discovered that the accused person had not dismantled the combination rock in his absence, therefore making it accessible for his co-custodian or any other person who had access to the vault’s key. He was arrested and charged. Police are yet to arrest the co-accused.

He pleaded not guilty before Nairobi Principal Magistrate Kennedy Cheriyot.

He was released on a cash bail of 100,000 and bond of 200,000.

The magistrate ordered the case to proceed on 2 of November, 2017.