Former Devolution ministry administrator Hassan Noir leaving Milimani Law Court after filing a petition challenging the victory of Mandera governor Ali Roba on Monday September 4, 2017/PHOTO BY S.A.N.


The Economic Freedom Party Mandera governor candidate Hassan Noor Hassan has challenged the election of Mandera  governor Ali Ibrahim Roba in court.

Mr Noor who is former Devolution ministry administrator claims that the elections were marred with massive electoral malpractices and irregularities that substantially affected the outcome of the gubernatorial elections in specific polling stations within Mandera North Constituency particularly Ashabito Ward , Guticha Ward ,Morothile Ward , parts of Rhamu Ward and Rhamu-Dimtu Ward that led to him being rigged out in favor of Roba.

He furthur claims that the petition raises several discrepancies in figures entered in Form 34A and 34B.

He wants the court to order IEBC preserve and keep all the Kenya Integrated Electoral Systems Kits (KIEMS)used for all the polling stations and tallying Centers with respect to the gubernatorial election for Mandera County held on 8th August 201T within Mandera North Constituency for purposes of preservation of material evidence .

He wants all the ballot papers used during the elections kept well.

In the petition filed this afternoon at the Milimani Law Court, through city lawyer Tom Ojienda the petitioner wants IEBC ordered to all the election materials including ballot papers.

He claimed presiding officers were deliberately delayed from reporting to their polling stations the day before elections to enable their replacement with strangers.

He alleges EFP agents were assaulted and chased away from various polling station in presence of police officers.

Noor wants read only access to information relating to the number of servers limited for Mandera North Constituency among other items.

Governor Ali Roba of Jubilee Party retained his seat after garnering 67,470 votes against Noor’s 57,937.

Noor claimed the electronic voting system was tampered with to give his rival undeserved victory.

The former Rift Valley provincial commissioner alleged JP interfered with the Kenya Integrated Electoral System especially in his Lafey and Banisa strongholds.