Three judge bench presiding judge George Odunga, Joel Ngugi (Centre) and John Mativo during the hearing of a case in which opposition NASA is challenging IEBC decision to award a Al-Ghurai Printing and Publishing LLC on Tuesday June 2017 /PHOTO BY S. A. N.


The Dubai based firm at the centre of the controversial  Sh2.5billion ballot printing contract has denied links with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Al-Ghurai Printing and Publishing LLC through its managing director Ganapathy Lakshmanan says that as of now IEBC has received 50 percent of the required paper on 22 June this year adding that the electoral commission will further receive the outstanding papers by 1st week of July 2017.

“It is noteworthy that 80 percent of the governor elections ballots and 25 percent of women representatives are completed by the time of swearing this affidavit. The production process for the materials has therefore started in earnest,” says Ganapathy Lakshmanan

Lakshmanan says that the company’s shareholders, directors and members of its staff have never visited the state House of Kenya or signed any agreements with any Kenyan entities at a state function whether in Kenya or Dubai.

“The applicant has not placed any evidence to demonstrate that there was secrecy in the process of direct procurement, “argues Al-Gurarir

Further the printing firm argues that the decision by IEBC to award the contract and thereafter sign the contract on the 8th June this year is reasonable and lawful.

The Managing Director of the Dubai based  firm dismissed allegations that the company is affiliated to Al Ghurair Holdings saying that it is a separate and distinct legal entity.

In its response the firm says that NASA’s intentions are merely to block the procurement process and to occasion unnecessary delays in the process for reasons totally unconnected to the allegations by NASA.

In defending itself the company says that it has supplied voting materials to clientele in various countered including Uganda, Zambia, Central Africa Republic, Nepal, Haiti, Guinea, Libya,Madagascar, Iraq, Burundi, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan and Rwanda.

The ruling party Jubilee party also asked the court to dismiss NASA suit.

According to the ruling party,  the relationship between IEBC and Al Ghurair is one in contract and unless a Public duty has been breached it ought not to be a subject of a judicial review application.

Jubilee says NASA has failed to make full and candid disclosure that IEBC met political parties including members of NASA   where they were informed of the plan to directly procure Al Ghurair to print ballot papers and the reason for the decision

Further the party says that  the president is in discharge of his functions is entitled to engage any development partners of Kenya or representatives of commercial concerns which are interested in doing business in Kenya.

The party says that the President meeting the Dubai Chamber of Commerce is a function squarely within the provisions and discharge of his duties as the Head of State and the Government.

“The president is permitted to carry out any executive function provided for in the constitution or in the national legislation, “argues Fred Ngatia

In its response the ruling party says that the opposition has not disclosed any illegality adding that IEBC action is strictly in accord with Article 227 of the constitution and the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act.

Hearing to proceed on Friday.