Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui with motorists speaking after high court extended orders seizure or sale of Toyota Hino trucks pending hearing and determination of the case filed by several motorists on Wednesday June 14 ,2017 /PHOTO BY S. A. N.

Toyota Kenya has denied claims that HINO FC500 model vehicles are unfit for sale in the Kenyan automotive industry.

In their response to a case filed by Several motorists, Toyota Kenya argue that HINO brand are of high quality, are durable and reliable if maintained and serviced in accordance with the manufactures recommendations and use of genuine spare parts.

Gerald Muli the General Manager of HINO Kenya which is a division of Toyota Kenya says that any defects or problems in the motor vehicles, including any overheating problems arose as a result of lack of maintenance of the motor vehicles as per the manufactures recommendations.

Toyota Kenya further dismissed allegations that that it agreed to convert the Kenyan market into a dumping grounds for vehicles that could not be sold or services in Japan.

“Toyota Kenya is a leading motor vehicle dealer in Kenya subscribes to the highest ethical standards and good corporate governance and would not engage in such practices, “argues Muli.

High Court last week blocked seizure or sale of Toyota Hino trucks pending hearing and determination of the case filed by several motorists.

Motorists sued Toyota Kenya over HINO FC500 model vehicles saying that they are unfit for sale in the Kenyan automotive industry.

They argue that HINO FC 500 model truck and PSV busses have developed fatal engine and overheating problems, brake systems failures, and chasis cracking during the subsistence of the respective warranties that rendered them unfit for the purpose.

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“under Article 46, every consumer has a right that’s protected under the law. You cannot sell a product to a consumer and escape liability” said lawyer Kinyanjui.

Through lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui, the plaintiff claim that they have exhausted all avenues of resolving these manufacturing problems and the defendants have failed to respond to their plight.
“The management of Hino Ltd and Toyota Kenya was all along aware that the HINO FC500 model was and is unsuitable and unfit for the PSV purpose,” argues Kinyanjui.
They claim that no brand new vehicles develop such a multiplicity of problems resulting in total grounding even lack of spare parts replacement without a manufactures defect.
“As a brand new HINO FC500 model truck and PSV buses they could not have developed such engine failure, overheating problems and break failure during the subsistence of the warranty,” reads the court documents.
Among parties mentioned in the matter is Toyota Kenya Limited, Nairobi Hino, Tsusho Capital Kenya Ltd and Kenya Bureau of Standards.
The suit has been filed by City Star Shuttle Co. Ltd, Chania Prestige Shuttle Ltd, Beauty Wholesale K. Ltd and eight others.
Lawyer Kinyanjui was allowed to file an application seeking to include more motorists who has approached him with interest to be enjoined in the matter.
Justice Tuiyot extended orders restraining seizure and sale of Hino trucks in the country pending hearing and determination of the said automotive company.
The matter was fixed for hearing on 27 of September.