Kenya Medical Practitioners Dentists and Pharmacists Union Secretary General Dr Ouma Oluga at employment and Labour relations court on Tuesday.


Doctors and government have been given a final chance to end the ongoing strike by coming up with an agreement.

The appellate court Justice Martha Koome urged the parties to come up with a solution and end the sufferings that Kenyans have been going through for the last 96days.

The three judge bench led by Justice Martha Koome said that they are concerned that no agreement has been fully reached although a number of issues have been resolved.

“We appeal to all parties including the Ministry of Health to be guided by the best interest of Kenyans and put aside their differences, their egos and also give religious leaders a chance to help bring a compromise and a resolution of this matter. “Court ruled.

If an agreement is not reached by tomorrow 10 am then the judges ruled that the matter will be referred back to Employment and Labor relations court.

Council of Governors’ lawyer Eunice Lumallas and lawyer representing the Ministry of Health and the Ag Stella Mbili argued that doctors must return to work before  they sign and register the return to work formulae document presented in court by doctors.

Mbili said that the government withdrew some of the issues noted by the doctors in the return to work formulae presented in court this morning.

According to the RTWF presented in court, KMPDU will suspend the strike and all its members resume work immediately once the agreement has been executed without any victimization from the government.

According to court documents, the Union further, want that all doctors with effect from1st January 2017 receive an emergency call allowance payable as follows.

Medical officer interns to receive an additional 36,000 shillings per month. The total sum payable shall be 66,000 shillings per month.

Medical officer, senior medical officers and medical specialist ii to receive an additional 42,000 shillings per month. The total sum payable shall be 72,000 shillings per month.

Medical officers specialist I , senior medical specialist , chief medical specialist II and chief medical specialist I to receive additional 50,000 shillings per month , The total payable per month shall be 80,000 per month.

Another contentious note that the government withdrew is the new medical risk allowance of 20,000 shillings per month that the doctors want implemented.

Lawyer Phillip Murgor submitted that once the parties agree on the RTWF then the doctors will resume duties immediately.

Proceedings to resume tomorrow for further directions.